Santa is still in town! Even when Christmas is over Latvian player has managed to hit the enormous jackpot. One of the loosest and therefore popular NetEnt slots – Divine Fortune has paid out to Raivis 251 536.57€ and made a player’s new year’s resolution plan to come true way faster.

Over the time Optibet Casino has had a number of great wins including 71 894€ hit in Cosmic Fortune slot and massive 93 180€ at the same Divine Fortune video game, however, this time the record was set.

Dainis Niedra, Regional Director said “We have been keeping an eye on the 100K+ jackpot for almost a year and waited for the lucky winner who will finally break it. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that our winner Raivis was among our very first users right after the Optibet opening in 2008”

Too bad such a fantastic win wasn’t caught live on camera to see the explosion of emotions, the Optibet team has contacted Raivo to see how is he feeling after winning such an incredible amount of money.

He said “How did I feel when I saw the winnings?… (ha-ha-ha)… I was yelling like mad for 3 minutes at least!… Out loud! … I’ve just started to play at that time… what, like 20 EUR? and then THIS! And thanks God I was at the office place so did not wake up the family! The family does not know yet… I will have to tell them where the money comes from, but I guess they knew I was playing at the Optibet. What are my plans? I guess I would like to get a new house for my family. Don’t know yet. Let’s see!”